24 or 36 bobbin capacity. Non-stop operation. Easy to use and ergonomic. Full automatic. 

Built in Stainless Steel and various non-corrosive materials, it is designed to work round the clock in the demanding area of the dye kitchen of process houses. 

Dynamic Balancing of Basket and a three point suspension, supported with shock-absorbers, allows it to spin up to 1200 r.p.m. Efficiently. Strategically placed sensors continuously monitor unbalanced load conditions, by sensing vibrations at low and high speeds. These sensors automatically correct the work-cycle aided by the PLC, thereby ensuring no damage to yarn packages or the machine. 

The closed loop Programmable Logic Controlled (PLC) aided 
by a digital inverter insures a very smooth running of the 
machine. The acceleration at the beginning of the spin-cycle and the retardation at the end of the cycle is step less and without undue vibrations. 

The PLC screen is very user friendly and does not require elaborate training of the operator. The baskets spin speed, 
cycle time, number of cycles etc. is continuously displayed 
on the screen helping in diagnosing and finding faults.